Allow customers to create their own phone case

Online solution unique printed phone case

The customer only needs a few clicks:

select your device

you can choose the type of your phone or tablet, you can specify the base color of the back cover

upload the image

you can upload your own photo, choose from our clipart, or from our finished samples

shape it to your liking

you can upload your finished samples, own photo, choose from our clipart or from our finished samples

shopping cart plan

be unique, stand out from the crowd, order your own unique back cover!

Zoneditor online design program

Zoneeditor’s online product designer software gives customers the power to personalize phone cases with any custom text, clipart, and patterns.
The ability to include phone case templates and allow customers to personalize them by adding their own name and image guarantees a wonderful looking product, increasing the value of custom phone case products as well as customer engagement and loyalty.

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Increase the sales

No more customer uncertainty. Increase the commitment with a fun 100% personal shopping experience!

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Reduce costs

Say goodbye to endless back and forth with customers.

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Deliver faster

No more extra hours on Christmas, no more saturation during peak seasons. From order directly to manufacturing.

Choose the perfect plan


649 / Year
  • Online HelpDesk
  • Case Update
  • Operating Support
  • 10% share per incoming order
1788 / Year
  • Online HelpDesk
  • Case Update
  • Operating Support


1194 / 6 Month
  • Online HelpDesk
  • Case Update
  • Operating Support

Key Features


Zone editor system

Zone-editor bridges the gap between your client’s idea and your manufacturing processes, streamlining mass customization.

Sales growth for partners

Open 0-24

Be on the web, online much easier, your customer base grows and your revenue grows.

Device independent

Work well mobilephone tablet and PC, the buyer can order from anywhere.

Phone brand independent

No more obstacles to rapid change in the mobile phone market. You can keep up.

Phone case types

Every customer counts, silicone or book case, the program is suitable for receiving plans.

Easy setup

You can set the program yourself via admin
you are management


Not just English, customizable.
What your customer speaks you can use.

E-commerce link

You can connect to your web store

Extra product feature

Increase your sales with a gift product

Frequently asked questions

You can try Zoneeditor at

To customize Zoneeditor, you need a domain name with an ssl certificate and an emil address. We do the customization!

If making a custom photo phone case is close to you. You can only accept orders offline. You can expand your customer base Online. If you have a uv printer. The scope of activities may expand.

The rapid change in the mobile market is no longer an obstacle. Zoneeditor is brand independent. If a cell phone is available in a country then a case is also available. If the case is available, it is easy to put in the Zoneeditor. No programmer required. Can be designed. All you have to do is print. Be on the web

Zoneeditor is suitable for expanding existing activities and new business opportunities. Get in touch with us. Recipe: Zoneeditor + UV printer + Laptop + good local supply of raw materials = unique photo phone case.